Emotion and Psychopathology: Bridging Affective and Clinical Science

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Two fundamental questions that clinical scientists and practitioners alike must address include when are emotions functional, and when are they dysfunctional? Recent advances in affective science have provided new tools with which to address these age-old questions. The past few decades have witnessed an explosion of research on emotion, accompanied by new theories, such as evolutionary-based analyses of emotion, as well as methods, such as anatomically based systems for coding facial expressive behavior and brain imaging strategies. These developments have provided new tools with which to explore the role that emotions play in mental health and illness.

Emotion and Psychopathology: Bridging Affective and Clinical Science synthesizes theoretical and methodological developments in affective science and highlights their potential application to psychopathology. This edited volume highlights exemplary work that illustrates the importance of transferring basic research into the clinical area and considers the potential payoffs of using affective science to conceptualize and treat major mental disorders. Disorders covered in this volume include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety, and alcoholism, which are discussed by scholars who are at the forefront of integrating work on emotion and psychopathology.

In addition, advances in emotion research methods, including strategies for measuring major emotion response systems; applications of affective methods to different forms of psychopathology; and future directions for existing interventions are presented. This book is geared toward affective scientists, clinical scientists, and clinical practitioners who are seeking a book that integrates affective and clinical science with regard to psychopathology.

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