Helping Clients Forgive: An Empirical Guide for Resolving Anger and Restoring Hope

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Forgiveness has been found to be a pivotal process in helping clients resolve anger over past betrayals, relieve depression and anxiety, and restore piece of mind. Synthesizing over 20 years of research in forgiveness, pioneers Robert Enright and Richard Fitzgibbons explain the process of forgiveness in psychotherapy in a way that can be applied by clinicians regardless of their theoretical orientation.

How to recognize when forgiveness is an appropriate client goal, how to introduce and explain to clients what forgiveness is and is not, and concrete, step-wise ways of working forgiveness into therapy with individuals, couples and families are among the many topics covered in this comprehensive volume. The roles that anger and forgiveness play in specific emotional disorders and clinical examples of work with individuals suffering from these disorders make this a highly practical resource as well as a well-documented sourcebook for all mental health practitioners.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: Why Learn About Forgiveness and Forgiveness Therapy?

I. Forgiveness as a Key to Healing in Psychotherapy

  1. Forgiveness in Psychotherapy: An Overview
  2. Deepening the Understanding of Forgiveness
  3. What Forgiveness is Not
  4. The Social–Cognitive Development of Forgiveness
  5. The Process Model of Forgiveness Therapy
  6. Empirical Validation of the Process Model of Forgiveness

II. Applying Forgiveness Within Specific Disorders and Populations

  1. Forgiveness in Depressive Disorders
  2. Forgiveness in Anxiety Disorders
  3. Forgiveness in Substance Abuse Disorders
  4. Forgiveness in Children and Adolescents
  5. Forgiveness in Marital and Family Relationships
  6. Forgiveness in Eating Disorders
  7. Forgiveness in Bipolar and Other Mental Disorders
  8. Forgiveness in Personality Disorders

III. Philosophical Foundations and Empirical Investigations

  1. Moral, Philosophical, and Religious Roots of Forgiveness
  2. Skeptical Views of Forgiveness
  3. Empirical Support for the Social–Cognitive Model of Forgiveness
  4. Other Forgiveness Interventions
  5. Measures of Interpersonal Forgiveness

Epilogue: The Future of Forgiveness


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About the Authors

Author Bios

Robert D. Enright, PhD, received his doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1976. He is a licensed psychologist and professor of educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a position he has held since 1978.

The author of over 80 publications, Professor Enright has specialized in the social scientific study of forgiveness since 1985. He has pioneered the study of how people forgive others who hurt them deeply and the study of psychological outcomes when people forgive. Currently, he is supervising 12 graduate students in their own studies of forgiveness.

Professor Enright is the recipient of numerous awards for both his teaching and his forgiveness studies. His forgiveness work has appeared in such publications as Time, McCall's, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times. He has appeared on ABC's "20/20," NBC's "Nightly News," and many other television and radio shows.

Richard P. Fitzgibbons, MD, received his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine in 1969 and completed his training in psychiatry at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center in 1976. He participated in cognitive therapy research in his training with Aaron T. Beck. Currently, he is the director of a private practice outside Philadelphia. Since 1976 he has used forgiveness in psychotherapy, and in 1986 he wrote a seminal paper on the use of forgiveness.

Dr. Fitzgibbons has given over 40 seminars to mental health professionals, educators, and business and church leaders on forgiveness therapy in the resolution of excessive anger. He has made numerous appearances on radio and television discussing the prevalence and treatment of excessive anger through forgiveness.