Exploring Three Approaches to Psychotherapy

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Exploring Three Approaches to Psychotherapy gives readers in-depth analysis of what occurs in therapy as practiced according to three different orientations: cognitive, emotion-focused, and psychoanalytic.

Leading psychotherapists Leslie S. Greenberg, Nancy McWilliams, and Amy Wenzel explain the theory and principal techniques of their respective models, and specifically how they are applied in the therapy demonstrations shown in the APA DVDs, Three Approaches to Psychotherapy With a Female Client and Three Approaches to Psychotherapy With a Male Client.

This book grants readers access to the authors' insights about how the three approaches work in practice, offering a rare look into the minds of three therapists as they explore and comment on the therapy demonstration sessions.

The book and DVD programs, used together or independently, soundly illustrate the differences and similarities between the three approaches, and thus between the theoretical schools of which they are representative. Resulting comprehension of the major theoretical systems will serve readers well as they encounter new approaches, be they students of theory, practitioners, or professors of psychotherapy.

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