Treatments That Work With Children: Empirically Supported Strategies for Managing Childhood Problems, Second Edition

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Since the first edition of this book, empirically supported treatments for children's mental health and medical problems have grown from a mere research interest to the expected — and often mandated — standard of care. This book helps busy clinicians and trainees make informed choices about which interventions have the best record of success with the childhood problem they are treating.

Eight comprehensive and engaging chapters cover how to assess and treat the most common behavioral disorders in children: disruptive behavior, anxiety and depression, habit disorders (such as tics and thumbsucking), sleep disorders, encopresis, nocturnal enuresis, the treatment of pain, and adherence to medical regimens.

Because patient education is key to successful treatment, summaries and handouts add practicality to the book. With its balanced mix of clinical wisdom and research evidence, is an essential addition to the libraries of both pediatricians and mental health practitioners.

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