The concept of multiculturalism has been widely integrated into popular culture over the last half century. Yet the standard multicultural constructs — such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion — while still essential, are no longer adequate in today's increasingly globalized world.

This book broadens the concept of multiculturalism to encompass internationalism. In other words, it internationalizes multiculturalism. It argues that professionals in all fields can enhance both their multicultural and international competence to perform more effectively.

The contributors review the relevant research and, drawing also from personal experience, apply these concepts to real-world professional practice in business, mental health, and education — three areas that are especially well positioned to impact the health and well-being of clients, employees, and customers.

This book will appeal to scholars of multiculturalism as well as practicing professionals in a range of fields, especially business, mental health, and education.

Table of Contents



  1. Multicultural and International: Why and How Both Should Matter in Professional Practice
    Rodney L. Lowman

I. Internationalizing the Traditional Multicultural Categories

  1. Internationalizing Multicultural Issues: Race and Ethnicity
    Monique M. Taylor
  2. Bringing Gender Into Multicultural and International Competencies: Strategies and Challenges
    Virginia Floresca Cawagas
  3. National Origin, National Values, and Cultural Congruence
    Mark M. Leach, Frederick T. L. Leong, Arpana Inman, and Ayşe Ciftçi
  4. Sexually and Gender-Variant Individuals: International and Multicultural Perspectives
    Sue A. Kuba
  5. Religion, Spirituality, and Secularism in Multicultural and International Contexts
    Beth Limberg

II. Applications

  1. Fostering Multiculturally and Internationally Competent Individuals and Teams
    Patricia Denise Lopez and Nurcan Ensari
  2. Organizations in Multicultural and International Contexts: Insights for the Global Leader
    Louise Kelly and Wendy Chung
  3. The Multiculturally and Internationally Competent Mental Health Professional
    Erica J. Hurley and Lawrence H. Gerstein
  4. Multicultural Education, Global Education: Synergies for a Peaceful World
    Estela Matriano and Toh Swee-Hin (S. H. Toh)
  5. Improving International Multicultural Competence by Working and Studying Abroad
    Danny Wedding

III. Conclusion

  1. Internationalizing Multiculturalism: Major Themes and Wrapping Up
    Rodney L. Lowman


About the Editor

Editor Bio

Rodney L. Lowman, PhD, is currently a distinguished professor in the California School of Professional Psychology and is past dean, provost/vice president of academic affairs and acting president of Alliant International University. His ancestry mirrors the theme of this book, as his paternal grandmother moved to Indian Territory in a covered wagon and his maternal grandparents were from Canada and Spanish Honduras, Central America.

The author or editor of nine books and monographs, Dr. Lowman has published more than 100 scholarly publications and made hundreds of professional presentations all over the world. Besides the present book, his works include Handbook of Organizational Consulting Psychology; The Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations (2nd ed.); The Clinical Practice of Career Assessment: Interests, Abilities, and Personality; Counseling and Psychotherapy of Work Dysfunctions; and Pre-Employment Screening: A Guide to Professional Practice.

He currently serves as editor of Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, the flagship journal in the field of consulting psychology, and was founding editor of The Psychologist-Manager Journal. He has also served on the editorial boards of other journals and has lectured widely both in the United States and abroad on professional ethics, consulting psychology, and counseling and psychotherapy of work dysfunctions.

Dr. Lowman is a Fellow of APA, Divisions 12 (Clinical Psychology), 13 (Consulting Psychology), and 14 (Industrial and Organizational Psychology), and he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Assessment Psychology. He also serves on the Advisory Board and heads the Scientific Advisory Board of Leadership Worth Following, a Dallas-based consulting firm. He is past president of the Society for Consulting Psychology and for the Society for Psychologists in Management and has held many leadership roles in APA.

Currently Dr. Lowman serves as research domain leader and has served as elected APA council representative for the Society of Consulting Psychology, and, beginning in 2013, for the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Dr. Lowman has received many honors and recognitions for his professional work, including the Kilburg Service Award from the Society of Psychologists in Management, the Service Award from the Society for Consulting Psychology, and the International-Multicultural Provost's Pillar Award from Alliant International University.

Dr. Lowman is president of Lowman and Richardson/Consulting Psychologists, PC and is licensed as a psychologist in California. He currently resides in San Diego, with his spouse, a clinical psychologist and mental health administrator. Their daughter is a writer and entrepreneur who lives in Boston.

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Lowman's ground-breaking volume could not be a more timely and useful addition for those who seek valuable guidance to expand their practice across national boundaries.