PsycEssentials: A Pocket Resource for Mental Health Practitioners

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  • What diagnoses should I consider for a client who presents with psychotic symptoms?
  • What is my legal responsibility towards a client who presents a danger to himself or others?
  • What clinical assessments can I use for children who may be suffering from ADHD?

Mental health professionals face tricky questions like these every day. But locating reliable sources of information takes considerable time, a luxury that many hard-working clinicians today simply don't have.

PsycEssentials: A Pocket Resource for Mental Health Practitioners is a quick but comprehensive guide that helps mental health clinicians locate the answers to these common and often urgent questions. User-friendly chapters are arranged chronologically to address the typical progression of therapy, and describe a wealth of publicly available resources from standardized screening measures and various clinical assessment and risk evaluation measures, to state laws regarding child and elder abuse reporting, symptoms for mental health diagnosis, commonly prescribed drugs, and resources for the implementation of evidence-based psychotherapies.

PsycEssentials Mobile App

PsycEssentials Mobile AppThe mobile app version of PsycEssentials is a comprehensive pocket resource for busy psychotherapists. Updated regularly, the PsycEssentials app gives you the most up-to-date and relevant information for your clinical practice, grants you full access to the print book chapters, and allows one-touch access to the following features:

• Table of Contents: The app contents mirror the chronological process of therapy. The app can be read sequentially, like a book, or browsed for topic-specific information.

• Personalized Notes: The app allows the clinician to make personal notes anywhere by pressing the Notes icon and typing.

• Easy-Access Favorites: A Favorites icon stores frequently referenced sections.

• Additional Resources: The app links to relevant web-based resources, including state-by-state referral information and legal standards for reporting abuse.

• Search by Term: Search function is sophisticated and intuitive. Simply begin to type in the term you are looking for and select the correct option.

Download a free but limited version of the app for your Android device, or the full version for iPad, iPhone, or Android for just $39.99.



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