APA Handbook of Interpersonal Communication

Edited by David Matsumoto
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When we use language to interact with one another, we become involved in a continuous and dynamic process of exchange. This makes it a fascinating area for behavioral research. During the give-and-take of discourse, the communicators exchange facts, ideas, views, opinions, emotions, and intentions in such a way as to enhance or impede social relationships; create, maintain, and adapt identities; and create or resolve conflicts.

In this handbook, distinguished contributors apply the problem-solving perspectives of applied linguistics to answer some fundamental questions:

  • How do our interpersonal relations manifest themselves in language?
  • What is the role of language in developing and maintaining relationships through interpersonal communication?
  • What types of problems occur in interpersonal communication and what kinds of strategies do we use to solve them?
  • How does interpersonal linguistic communication interact with other semiotic modes?

The volume is divided into two parts that examine both theoretical and applied topics. Thus, the contributors critically appraise the relevance of applied linguistics to not only understanding but also solving everyday language-related problems.

Table of Contents


—David Matsumoto

I. Theoretical Perspectives

  1. Social Psychology and Personal Relationships: Accommodation and Relational Influence Across Time and Contexts
    —Margaret J. Pitts and Howard Giles
  2. Face-to-Face Communication and Body Language
    —Paul J. Thibault
  3. Technically-Medicated Interpersonal Communication
    —Caja Thimm
  4. Feeling Space: Interpersonal Communication and Spatial Semiotics
    —Louise J. Ravelli and Maree Stenglin
  5. Relational Work, Politeness, and Identity Construction
    —Miriam A. Locher
  6. Humor, Jokes, and Irony Versus Mocking, Gossip, and Black Humor
    —Alexander Brock
  7. Praising and Blaming, Applauding, and Disparaging—Solidarity, Audience Positioning, and the Linguistics of Evaluative Disposition
    —Peter R. R. White

II. Applied Interpersonal Communication

  1. Everyday Communication and Socializing
    —Tilo Weber
  2. Counseling, Diagnostics, and Therapy
    —Peter Muntigl
  3. Youth, Discourse, and Interpersonal Management
    —Jannis Androutsopoulos and Alexandra Georgakopoulou
  4. Language and Discourse Skills of Elderly People
    —Anna-Maija Korpijaakko-Huuhka and Anu Klippi
  5. Nonverbal Communicative Competence
    —Nancy M. Puccinelli
  6. Media Competence
    —Daniel Perrin and Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow


About the Editor

Editor Bio

David Matsumoto, PhD, is an internationally acclaimed author and psychologist. He received his BA from the University of Michigan in 1981 with high honors in psychology and Japanese. He subsequently earned his MA (1983) and PhD (1986) in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. He is currently professor of psychology and director of the Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory at San Francisco State University, where he has been since 1989.

He has studied culture, emotion, social interaction, and communication for 25 years. His books include well-known titles such as Culture and Psychology and the Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology.

He is the recipient of many awards and honors in the field of psychology, including being named a G. Stanley Hall lecturer by the American Psychological Association®.

He is the series editor for Cambridge University Press's series on Culture and Psychology. He is also editor for the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology and the Culture and Diversity section of Social and Personality Psychology Compass.

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