Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, Second Edition

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Hypnosis has always captured the attention of some of the most creative thinkers in the field of psychology. Today, hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena are in the mainstream of clinical, cognitive, and social psychology, and practitioners can benefit from a wealth of research to guide their interventions.

In this second edition of the landmark Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, editors Steven Jay Lynn, Judith Rhue, and Irving Kirsch have undertaken a significant revision to their classic text, first published over 15 years ago. It is divided into six sections:

  • Foundations and General Considerations, which includes chapters on the history of hypnosis and assessment of hypnotizability
  • Theories of Hypnosis, in which hypnosis is examined within the context of various therapeutic constructs
  • Hypnotic Techniques, which includes a how-to primer for therapists to conduct hypnotic sessions, and chapters about increasing suggestibility and integrating hypnosis with mindfulness strategies
  • Treating Psychological Problems and Populations, which discusses the use of hypnosis in treating a variety of psychological disorders
  • Health and Sport Psychology, which examines hypnotic interventions for pain control, surgery, and maximizing athletic performance
  • Issues and Extensions, which addresses, among other things, memory, education and training, and popular and cross-cultural conceptions of hypnosis

The Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, Second Edition is the ultimate resource for clinicians, researchers, and anyone interested in the theory and practice of clinical hypnosis.

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