In the Room With Men: A Casebook of Therapeutic Change

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In the Room With Men explores theories of masculinities, current research on the psychology of men, and how these ideas are applied in clinical practice.

Men enter therapy less frequently than women, and when they do, therapy can be quite different than it is with women clients. To work with men successfully, therapists must be aware of these differences and often must adjust their approach. Although a growing amount of research addresses the mental health issues that men face, it is hard to find anything in the literature documenting the experiences of therapists working with men or ways to tailor therapy to their unique needs. The contributing authors of this volume remedy this situation by bringing readers into the counseling room with their male clients and describing their personal views about and their particular approach to working with men.

At the heart of each chapter is a case narrative, giving readers a hands-on feel for how therapy works with male clients and insight into how and why therapists make certain clinical decisions. The contributors work with men from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and in so doing highlight how notions of masculinity intersect with other aspects of culture. Over the course of the volume, these case examples and discussions paint a clear picture of the clinical realities of working with men.

Featuring empirical discussions throughout the volume as well as a comprehensive theory and literature survey, In the Room With Men effectively combines research, theory, and actual practice, making this a must-have resource for all mental health practitioners.

Table of Contents


—Ronald Levant


I. Exploring the Psychotherapy Process With Men

  1. An Invitation: Bringing the Reader Into the Book
    —Mark A. Stevens and Matt Englar-Carlson
  2. Masculine Norms and the Therapy Process
    —Matt Englar-Carlson

II. Exploring Emotions: Awaking the Inner Worlds of Men

  1. Paul's Journey to Find Calmness: From Sweat to Tears
    —Mark A. Stevens
  2. Finding the Person Behind the Persona: Engaging Men as a Female Therapist
    —Holly Sweet
  3. Struggling for Sadness: A Relational Approach to Healing Men's Grief
    —Sam V. Cochran
  4. Thawing the Ice Man: Coping With Grief and Loss
    —Fredric E. Rabinowitz
  5. Finding Joshua's Soul: Working With Religious Men
    —John M. Robertson
  6. Facing Fear Without Losing Face: Working With Asian American Men
    —Samuel Park

III. Exploring Connection: Building the Therapeutic Alliance With Men

  1. The Case of the Angry Black Man
    —Jay C. Wade
  2. A New Understanding of the Macho Male Image: Exploration of the Mexican American Man
    —Joseph M. Cervantes
  3. Helping a Boy Become a Parent: Male-Sensitive Psychotherapy With a Teenage Father
    —Mark S. Kiselica
  4. Counseling Men: Perspectives and Experiences of a Woman of Color
    —Melba J. T. Vasquez

IV. Exploring Masculinity: Examining Gender Role Conflicts With Men

  1. Helping Jack Heal His Emotional Wounds: The Gender Role Conflict Diagnostic Schema
    —James M. O'Neil
  2. Adam and the Pain of Divorce
    —Roberta L. Nutt
  3. Queer Eye on the Straight Guy: A Case of Gay Male Heterophobia
    —Douglas C. Haldeman
  4. A Man With a "Woman's Problem": Male Gender and Eating Disorders
    —Rebekah Smart

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The contributor's discussion of the clinical vignettes is what makes this book wonderful. As a clinician, I always appreciate when theory and practice are combined. This book does exactly that.
—Doody Enterprises, Inc.