Personality-Guided Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

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Personality-Guided Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy integrates cognitive–behavioral approaches with Millon's personologic model to yield an exciting new psychotherapeutic approach. Paul R. Rasmussen describes how, in personality-guided cognitive-behavior therapy, a patient's clinical condition is seen as stemming not just from distorted thinking or behavioral excesses and deficits, but also from personality attributes and situational demands. The cognitive, behavioral, and affective stew that composes personality is recognized as a person's unique means of meeting existential challenges; in some circumstances, leading to pleasant, harmonious outcomes, and in others, less pleasant and often painful outcomes.

Individual chapters examine each personality type, including its characteristics, the evolutionary foundation of the personality style, and the immediate adaptive value of the emotional reactions defining it, the pathological process, and the clinical conditions that one is vulnerable to. Treatment strategies are outlined, and the volume is amply illustrated with case examples.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword


  1. Introduction
  2. An Integration of the Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy and Personologic Models
  3. The Paranoid Prototype
  4. The Schizoid Prototype
  5. The Schizotypal Prototype
  6. The Antisocial Prototype
  7. The Borderline Prototype
  8. The Histrionic Prototype
  9. The Narcissistic Prototype
  10. The Avoidant Prototype
  11. The Dependent Prototype
  12. The Compulsive Prototype (Obsessive–Compulsive)
  13. The Depressive Prototype
  14. The Negativistic Prototype
  15. The Sadistic and Masochistic Prototypes


  1. The Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory
  2. Format for Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plan
  3. Sample Client Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plan


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