Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy is the first book to critically and coherently survey how spirituality can be incorporated into a range of psychotherapeutic approaches, including:

  • psychoanalytic
  • cognitive–behavioral
  • humanistic
  • interpersonal
  • transpersonal

Volume editors Len Sperry and Edward P. Shafranske, both well-recognized and outstanding scholars, bring together a stellar group of contributors to describe the theoretical and clinical basis for their approaches and to illustrate their clinical application. A uniform structure across chapters and an integrative final chapter allow for easy comparison of the approaches.

The volume editors examine current and future issues as well as the legacy of the psychoanalytic and Jungian foundations of spiritually oriented psychotherapy.

This volume demonstrates the utility and accessibility of examining the spiritual dimension in therapy. It is likely to become a vital resource for the experienced clinician and the standard text for graduate programs in clinical, counseling and consulting psychology, and clinical social work.

Table of Contents




I. Theoretical Foundations

  1. Addressing the Spiritual Dimension in Psychotherapy: Introduction and Overview
    —Edward P. Shafranske and Len Sperry
  2. Psychoanalytic Considerations About Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy
    —Ana-María Rizzuto
  3. Contemporary Jungian Approaches to Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy
    —Lionel Corbett and Murray Stein

II. Contemporary Approaches

  1. Spiritually Oriented Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy
    —Siang-Yang Tan and W. Brad Johnson
  2. A Psychoanalytic Approach to Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy
    —Edward P. Shafranske
  3. A Humanistic Approach to Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy
    —David N. Elkins
  4. Interpersonal Psychotherapy From a Spiritual Perspective
    —Lisa Miller
  5. A Transpersonal–Integrative Approach to Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy
    —David Lukoff and Francis Lu
  6. The Experiential Focusing Approach
    —Elfie Hinterkopf
  7. A Forgiveness-Promoting Approach: Helping Clients REACH Forgiveness Through Using a Longer Model That Teaches Reconciliation
    —Everett L. Worthington Jr., Suzanne E. Mazzeo, and David E. Canter
  8. Theistic Integrative Psychotherapy
    —P. Scott Richards
  9. Intensive Soul Care: Integrating Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction
    —David G. Benner
  10. Integrative Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy
    —Len Sperry

III. Commentary and Critical Analysis

  1. Approaches to Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy: A Comparative Analysis
    —Len Sperry and Edward P. Shafranske
  2. Future Directions: Opportunities and Challenges
    —Edward P. Shafranske and Len Sperry


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