Experiences of Depression: Theoretical, Clinical, and Research Perspectives

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In Experiences of Depression, Sidney J. Blatt masterfully integrates nearly 30 years of clinical insight and research exploring the nature of depression and the life experiences that contribute to its emergence. Beginning with case studies of two depressed patients in long-term treatment, this landmark book paints a compelling picture, demonstrating the value of considering the psychological dimensions of depression.

In a profound contribution to understanding the nature of depression, Dr. Blatt identifies two types of depression that, despite a common set of symptoms, have distinct roots. One, which he terms anaclitic depression, arises from feelings of loneliness and abandonment. The other, which he terms introjective depression, is born of feelings of failure and worthlessness. Recognizing these fundamentally different depressive experiences has spurred a remarkably wide range of research, the development of assessment tools, and impressive strides in understanding the nature, etiology, and treatment of this far-reaching disorder.

With clarity and meticulous care he traces the extensive systematic investigation of these two types of depression and the role of disturbances in mental representations. A closing chapter considers the implications of these theoretical formulations and research findings for understanding the nature of therapeutic process with depressed patients.

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