Aspects of the History of Psychology in America: 1892–1992

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Aspects of the History of Psychology in America: 1892–1992 chronicles the growth and struggle that have characterized the development of psychology as a science in the last century. With a keen focus on the social polices and institutions that have directed the course of intellectual work, leading historical scholars explore how such forces as sexism, politics, and ideological rivalry have shaped the field of psychology.

This volume is the result of a workshop held by the Psychology Section of the New York Academy of Sciences on February 15, 1992 in New York, New York to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the New York Academy of Sciences and the 100th anniversary of the American Psychological Association.

Table of Contents

—Helmut E. Adler and Robert W. Rieber

Pictures from the Workshop

—Howard E. Gruber

A Personal View of the History of American Psychology
—Seymour B. Sarason

James McKeen Cattell, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the American Psychological Association, 1891–1902
—Michael M. Sokal

An Epistemological Critique of Experimentalism in Psychology; or, Why G. Stanley Hall Waited Until William James Was Out of Town to Found the American Psychological Association
—Eugene Taylor

A History of the New York Branch of the American Psychological Association, 1903–1935
—Ludy T. Benjamin

Joseph Jastrow: Pioneer Psychologist Facing the "Administrative Peril"
—Arthur L. Blumenthal

Christine Ladd-Franklin's Color Theory: Strategy for Claiming Scientific Authority
—Laurel Furumoto

Recognition for Women: The Problem of Linkage
—Elizabeth Scarborough

The European Influence on American Psychology: 1892 and 1942
—Helmut E. Adler

Historical Perspectives on Psychotherapy
—Donald K. Freedheim

G. Stanley Hall and Company: Observations on the First 100 APA Presidents
—John D. Hogan

Sitzfleisch 2: The Platzgeist and Cognitive Environmental Psychology
—Kurt Salzinger

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