Social Categories in Everyday Experience

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How do the social categories with which we identify, or to which others assign us, affect our psychological makeup, our social behaviors, and our life outcomes? The contributors to this edited volume answer this broad social psychological inquiry through their research on the social categories of gender and immigration, the "intersectionality" of these two social categories, and how people outside the two categories frame their conceptions of the two groups and of themselves.

Social Categories in Everyday Experience explores and expands on the construct of social categories by analyzing timely questions such as: How do members of marginalized groups cope with identity and discrimination in everyday settings like school and the workplace? How can stereotyping and discrimination be reduced among members of society's many cross-cutting categories?

The editors and contributors to this volume, who span the disciplines of American and European psychology, sociology, public policy, social psychology, and personality psychology, draw from the work of pioneering social psychologist Kay Deaux, who has served as their academic mentor or scholarly inspiration through her prestigious and prolific body of work.

Written for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars in social psychology, personality psychology, political psychology, multicultural psychology, and sociology, Social Categories in Everyday Experience is also an excellent resource for courses on women's studies and migration studies.

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