Moving Beyond Prejudice Reduction: Pathways to Positive Intergroup Relations

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This edited volume moves beyond social psychology's traditional focus on prejudice reduction, to explore novel approaches to improving relations and fostering empathy between members of socially dominant ingroups and oppressed or victimized outgroups.

Moving Beyond Prejudice Reduction examines the dynamics of attitudinal change from the individual to the group levels and proposes a proactive analytical framework that scholars and researchers on intergroup contact and social conflict can use to improve relations between groups.

The contributors to this volume explore these issues by

  • reconceptualizing how we think about intergroup attitudes,
  • examining motivations and expectations across group boundaries, and
  • promoting closeness and inclusion in cross-group relationships.

The book's final grouping of chapters applies these concepts to forgiveness, reparation, and reconciliation among different ethnopolitical groups in postconflict societies.

Specific case studies include Arab-Israeli relations, religious communities in Northern Ireland, racial groups in South Africa, and political factions in post-Pinochet Chile.

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