The Interactional Nature of Depression: Advances in Interpersonal Approaches

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Even when theorists, researchers, and therapists themselves forget, depressed people will say that their environment in interpersonal relationships matter: Relationships perceived as good buffer them from depression, and involvement in relationships perceived as bad contributes to and maintains their depression.

Depressed individuals frequently know that they are in a "Catch 22" dilemma of needing the very people whom their symptoms disaffect. Processes such as "excessive reassurance seeking" and "negative feedback seeking" may be involved in the cycle of depression. Depressed individuals may also realize that their therapy needs to focus on improving the nature of their relationships. It is the insight that depressed people are often correct in these perceptions that is the lasting and most profound contribution of the interpersonal approach to understanding the antecedents, maintenance, and treatment of depression.

The interpersonal approach that depression is an interactional style has become highly influential in the field and has produced several lines of empirical study and of therapeutic intervention. Certainly, a principal goal of The Interactional Nature of Depression: Advances in Interpersonal Approaches is to claim a central place for this tradition of thought and science in the collection of fundamental views on depression.

This book brings together interpersonal, cognitive, stress and coping, developmental, and social psychology perspectives into a more complex and more comprehensive approach to depression theory and research.

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