Violence against women has been studied in thousands of research articles and books across multiple disciplines. The extraordinary range of subtopics alone makes it difficult for clinicians, teachers, and researchers to form a coherent picture of the phenomena.

Women and Victimization: Contributing Factors, Interventions, and Implications is the first book to comprehensively examine and integrate a vast and diverse literature base, drawing from divergent findings to reveal a picture of complexity and of intertwining risk and resilience factors. Why do some women develop serious mental health problems after victimization, like PTSD or depression, whereas others survive seemingly unscathed? Is depression in women a risk factor for victimization and substance abuse, or an outcome?

In this definitive book, TK Logan, Robert Walker, Carol E. Jordan, and Carl G. Leukefeld provide a critical literature review, integrating and analyzing the widespread research on violence and victimization, mental health, and substance use among adult women.

Women and Victimization will be an excellent resource for doctoral dissertations in any of the three major fields covered: adult (female) victimization, substance abuse among women, and mental health issues for women. Readers who work in any of these fields will find this a provocative and indispensable resource.

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Victimization Manifestations and Vulnerability Factors
  3. Lifestyle Factors
  4. Social Factors
  5. Internal Contextual Factors
  6. Clinical Interventions
  7. Justice System Options and Responses
  8. Final Thoughts: Past, Present, and Future


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