Becoming an Effective Psychotherapist: Adopting a Theory of Psychotherapy That's Right for You and Your Client

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This books helps therapists-in-training evaluate the different theories of psychotherapy and shows that there is no "right" theory—rather, there are different therapeutic approaches that fit for each therapist and client.

Through a thorough overview and reflection of the main theories of psychotherapy, this useful book will help graduate students in psychology find a theory that is compatible with their worldview and will encourage them to become more effective therapists by matching therapeutic approaches to themselves and their clients.

By reading this book, students will be able to align their own values in their beginning practice to the major theories on which psychotherapy is based; they will be able to easily choose a model for practice maximizing their satisfaction, confidence, and effectiveness as a therapist.

Author Derek Truscott skillfully presents the nine leading systems of psychotherapy, the underlying rationale and approach to treatment for each, and their seminal theorists.

Each chapter showcases a specific theory's therapeutic goals, its assumptions about the therapist–client relationship, client tasks, and the related change processes. Chapters end with thought-provoking journal exercises, learning tasks, and case examples for the psychology student to use as an evaluation, as well as discussions of how each approach has evolved and is practiced today.

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