Ethical Practice in Operational Psychology: Military and National Intelligence Applications

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The field of operational psychology, and consequently its standards of practice, are evolving and expanding at a rapid pace. Now, more than ever, psychologists' expertise is employed on a day-to-day basis by members of the military, national intelligence, and public safety communities. As psychologists' duties expand in these arenas, some definition of their roles and how these roles relate to professional ethical standards is necessary.

Ethical Practice in Operational Psychology: Military and National Intelligence Applications offers guidance for those psychologists who provide support to operational leaders.

Among the professional roles discussed in this book are

  • assessment and selection of personnel
  • security evaluations for high risk and high demand occupations
  • profiling
  • counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism operations
  • consultation to interrogation and debriefing
  • crisis negotiation

This book integrates the requirements of the existing APA Ethics Code and other relevant professional guidelines and protocols within the limited professional literature in the field.

The editors have assembled some of the best operational psychologists in the field today to share their expertise and experience. The contributors provide realistic case examples, practical guidance, and recommendations regarding the unique ethical issues that confront operational psychologists, shedding much needed light on how and why military and public safety practices differ from traditional psychological practice.

This timely volume provides a strong ethical foundation upon which to advance this growing specialty.

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