APA Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls


The Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest (BAPPI) approved a request from the Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) to establish an APA Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls.

The APA Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls reviewed  the state of the literature of theory, research, and practice relevant to the trafficking of women and girls, which includes definitions, nature, prevalence, psychological, physical and social effects. Also included are identification, prevention, intervention, and recommendations for future research, training, practice and policy. The Report of the Task Force on Trafficking Women and Girls (PDF, 1MB) includes extensive literature citations that summarizes its findings.


  • Mary C. Burke, PhD
    Carlow University, Pittsburgh

  • Michelle Contreras, MA
    Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass.

  • James O. Finkenhauer, PhD
    Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, Newark., N.J.

  • Deborah L. Hume, PhD
    University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Mo.

  • Marsha B. Liss, PhD, JD 
    Private Practice, Bethesda, Md.

  • Terri D. Patterson, PhD
    Federal Bureau of Investigation, Quantico, Va.

  • Nancy Sidun, PsyD, ABPP, ATR 
    Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, Honolulu
  • AnnJanette Alejano-Steele, PhD
    Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking, Denver

Staff Liaisons

  • Tanya L. Burrwell

  • Shari E. Miles-Cohen, PhD

  • Gabriel H. Twose, PhD