There shall be a Committee on Women in Psychology that shall concern itself with furthering the major purpose of the APA — "to advance psychology as a science and a profession and as a means of promoting health, education and human welfare" — by ensuring that women in all their diversity achieve equality within the psychological community and in the larger society, nationally and globally in order that all human resources be fully actualized. Its mission shall be to function as a catalyst by means of interacting with and making recommendations to the various parts of the APA's governing structure, to the APA's membership, and particularly to the Society for the Psychology of Women, Association for Women in Psychology, and other relevant organizations, including groups whose missions address the status of women.

Priority Tasks

Specifically, the committee will undertake the

(a) collection of information and documentation concerning the status of women,
(b) development of recommendations relevant to women,
(c) monitoring the implementation of guidelines and recommendations from reports issued by APA that are relevant to women,
(d) development of mechanisms to increase the participation of women in roles and functions both within and outside the profession,
(e) ongoing communications with other agencies and institutions regarding the status of women,and
(f) monitoring current issues relevant to the lives of women in order to inform policy.

The committee shall consist of six members who are elected for staggered terms of three years. It shall report to Council through the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest.

Staff Liaisons


  • 2015 chair: Jennifer P. Wisdom, PhD (2014-15)
    Office of the Vice President for Research | The George Washington University

  • Alette Coble-Temple, PsyD (2015-17)

  • Paola Michelle Contreras, PsyD (2015-17)

  • Edna M. Esnil, PsyD (2013-15)

  • Cheryl L. B. Travis, PhD (2014-16)

  • Earlise C. Ward, PhD (2014-16) 

Strategic Goals

Goal I
Promoting the health and well-being of all women, nationally and internationally,
Goal II
Identifying and eliminating discriminatory and exploitive practices against all women, nationally and internationally,
Goal III
Promoting the unique contributions of women to psychology,
Goal IV
Enhancing women's leadership within and outside of APA,
Goal V
Monitoring activities of groups within the APA to assess the impact on women,
Goal VI
Collaborating with others as needed to achieve the empowerment of underrepresented groups,
Goal VII
Promoting advocacy on public policy relevant to women, nationally and internationally.

Committee Resources