Contribute to The SES Indicator

The SES Indicator seeks APA members and other scholars to serve as guest editors for future issues of the newsletter.

Role of the Guest Editor

Guest editors serve as leaders for each issue, set the overall tone and contribute the lead story for that edition. Contributions must be SES-related current, emerging or cross-cutting content that highlights health, education and human welfare. Due to our diverse audience, articles should be inclusive and accessible to readers who may not be specialists in the content area. Authors also have an option of publishing a two-part series model; if it suits the styling of the author’s content.

We seek APA members, academicians, researchers and scholars — from all levels, fields and expertise in psychology — interested in serving as a guest editor for future issues. In addition, CSES Leadership awardees are extended an open invitation to serve as a guest editor.

With guidance and support from the Office on Socioeconomic Status (SES), guest editors:

  • Suggest an SES-related theme of his/her own invention or interest for one newsletter;

  • Write an article on a topic of their choice related to the issue’s overall theme (500-1,000 words)

  • Communicate with the office during the entire production process of that specific newsletter 

  •  Submit all final materials 3-4 weeks prior to issue’s publication date

ContributeThe time commitment is approximately five to six hours over a three-month period. Volunteering as guest editor is an excellent opportunity to expand and contribute to the growing psychology literature on the intersections of SES, health and human welfare.

Past Topics

The SES Indicator has featured scholarly contributions from psychologists and research from interdisciplinary fields, including the following topics:

  • Social determinants of mental health

  • Educational achievement gaps among ethnic minority students

  • Long-term unemployment and mental health outcomes

  • Food insecurity and children’s overall well-being


The OSES office will send guidelines and a publication delivery schedule that corresponds with the relevant issue to each guest editor and contributing author. Guest editors will provide a paragraph describing the contribution one month before final copy delivery.

Contact Us

To suggest future The SES Indicator topics and learn more about this opportunity, send a detailed email with contact information to:

Maha Khalid
Office of Socioeconomic Status