Director highlights Summer Book Review and Expert Series, and two new resources

This SES Indicator issue is dedicated to a book on the impact of tax structures on low-income families.

By Keyona King-Tsikata, MPH

The Office and Committee on Socioeconomic Status hopes this edition of the SES Indicator finds each of you well and having enjoyed your summer. As we close out these hazy days of summer and welcome autumn, the office is excited about what this new season will bring. 

The committee recognizes the vast demands on the schedules of our readership, and in an effort to share compelling works in the marketplace, is delighted to release its Summer Book Review and Expert Series. 

This issue of the Indicator is dedicated to "Taxing the Poor, Doing Damage to the Truly Disadvantaged" a cogent and compelling book that examines the way state and local tax structures impact low-income families in the United States. This issue will feature a full book review, in addition to a brief interview with co-author Katherine S. Newman, PhD, the James B. Knapp Dean at the John Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences in Baltimore, Md. Newman is a widely published expert on the issue of poverty and the working poor. 

In other news, the Committee on Socioeconomic Status has released the first in a series of bibliographies that will explore the complex and varied origins of poverty, Examining the Structural Determinants of Poverty, an Annotated Bibliography explores the influences of social policy on poverty. 

As parents and students prepare for the new academic year, we are reminded daily that the cost of a good education remains on a steep incline. To assist students in their resolve to remain in school and on track to completion, the office has released a new Student Resource Guide.  

As we close out the month of August, the office pauses to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, this year’s March for Jobs and Justice, reminds us that our finish line is ever moving and that there is much work to be done. As we think of the un/underemployed masses, we offer thanks and appreciation to the backbone of the U.S. economy — the American Worker. 

We are grateful for the many members that reached out and provided feedback this summer; we look forward to hearing from you next season.