Featured Psychologist: Reiko True, PhD

Reiko True, PhDDr. Reiko True has worked tirelessly throughout her career and has made an exceptional amount of contributions to the field of psychology. Dr. True attended the California School of Professional Psychology in Berkeley, California. During the 60s she became active in the community; after realizing the impact her efforts made, she felt empowered. She has devoted herself to the advancement of minorities over a span of 25 years, her commitment has yielded great improvements (“Committee on Women,” 2012). She played an active role in the creation of the Asian American Community Mental Health Program, which is located in Oakland, California. After becoming the first female director of Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Forensic Services she was able to demonstrate the importance of creating multicultural focused programs and also generating programs for women with children (“Reiko Homma True,” 2006).

After the Kobe region of Japan experienced an earthquake in 1995; she traveled abroad as a Fulbright Senior Scholar and established a program that provided mental health services to disaster victims. More than a decade later, Dr. True led the Clinical Psychology Master’s Program in Tokyo, Japan for the California School of Professional Psychology. This program was launched by Alliant International University.

Today Dr. True practices in San Francisco, California. She provides services to those who are unable to speak English, as well as minorities residing in Japantown in San Francisco (“Reiko Homma True,” 2006). She is a recipient of prestigious awards such as the 2003 Lifetime Award from the Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA). In 2001, she was recognized as an Outstanding Alumna by the Japanese American Women Alumnae of UC Berkeley (JAWAUCB) of the California Alumni Association. She also served as an officer for section 6 of Division 12 as a Mentor Awards Chair. From 1997 to 1999, Dr. True served as President of the Asian American Psychological Association. During this position, she designed mentoring initiatives to aid Asian-American women. Throughout her career she has diligently mentored Asian-American women and has served as an advocate for the Asian-American community (Rayburn, Denmark, Reuder & Austra, 2011). Her dedication to the advancement of the minority population has remained the driving force of her career and is the reason she is recognized internationally.

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