Race Always Matters

First post on Delaware — DiversityUS blog, and the importance of honest dialogues about race.

By James M. Jones, PhD, and Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD

“Race is intricately woven into the culture, the institutions and the psyche of America. Its presence has been overt, intentional, self-aggrandizing and instrumental at times, or covert, subtle, unconscious at other times. However, it is there, waiting for a drop of animus or fear to ignite its destructive potential.” 

About the Author: James M. Jones, PhD, is a professor of psychology and Black American studies at University of Delaware and a director for the Center for the Study of Diversity. 
After the Acquittal: The Need for Honest Dialogue about Racial Prejudice and Stereotyping

Gwendolyn Puryear Keita, PhD, (executive director, APA Public Interest Directorate) blogs about the national dialogue on the Trayvon Martin case: how psychologists and psychological research can contribute to this discussion.

New Blog Post on Public Interest Blog Psychology Benefits Society: How talk to your Kids about Racism

"…a spotlight is now shining on the ongoing concern/dilemma of many parents, particularly African-American parents, about how to prepare their children for the experience of being devalued and potentially harmed as a result of racism. The research and clinical work of psychologists has much to offer this conversation. This blog post explores strategies for parents of all races and ethnicities to talk to their children about racism and discrimination."

About the Author: Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD, is a psychologist and associate professor at Pepperdine University.