Integration of mental health, substance abuse, and HIV prevention and care training

APA's Behavioral and Social Science Volunteer Program is offering HIV integrated care trainings aimed at improving treatment of co-occurring disorders

Mental health issues and substance use delays HIV testing and negatively affects HIV treatment adherence and treatment outcomes. It is less well known that HIV infection can also increase the risk for mental health conditions and substance use, thus making it even more difficult to engage and retain in care those most needing services. APA's Behavioral and Social Science Volunteer Program is offering HIV Integrated Care Trainings aimed at increasing participants’ proficiency in developing sustainable partnerships with their HIV clients with co-occurring disorders in order to: 

  1. more effectively link them to needed services; 

  2. assist them in engaging in and staying in care; 

  3. effectively motivate adherence to all of their treatment regimens; and 

  4. assist program administrators in developing more user-friendly service systems that minimize stigma. 

Those invited to participate include program managers, case managers, clinicians, mental health providers, and other key CBO staff. A minimum of 18 attendees is required and must participate for the full training which is designed for either two or three full days. Trainings are scheduled to be held in Dallas, Texas on Dec. 4-6, 2012 and in Philadelphia on Jan. 15-17, 2013. Trainings in Chicago, Miami and Boston are also being planned in Spring 2013.

For more information contact, Danielle N. Pope, BSSV program coordinator at (202) 218-3993 or by email.