How to Recruit and Hire Ethnic Minority Faculty


The Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training in Psychology is committed to developing products that will be actively used by psychologists involved in teaching, research, and practice and by others throughout the nation’s academic communities. Consequently, the Commission sought rigorous and broad comment on, and engaged in repeated revision of, its draft products. This included conducting symposia at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, where Commission members described the rationale for various products and handed out hundreds of draft copies of products with comment sheets. Based on these comments, draft products were revised and placed on the meeting agendas of all APA governance boards and committees with a request for comment. At APA’s biennial consolidated governance meetings, conference committees were conducted at which representatives from interested governance groups provided comment from their various groups. Comments also were solicited from the Commission’s monitors and panels of experts.

Soliciting and receiving thoughtful comment is a cumbersome and time consuming process. The Commission wishes to acknowledge the critical role that APA’s staff liaisons to the various governance groups played in ensuring that this process proceeded in an efficient and timely manner. The Commission wishes to provide special acknowledgement to the following Association staff who served on the Commission’s Staff Work Group and assumed responsibility for coordinating the efforts of their office or directorate with those of the Commission.

American Psychological Associationof Graduate Students Office: Todd Mook
Education Directorate: Ed Bourg, PhD, Paul Nelson, PhD, and Jill Reich, PhD
Minority Fellowship Program: Ernesto Guerro and James M. Jones, PhD
Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs: Alberto Figueroa-Garcia Bertha G. Holliday, PhD
(Primary CEMRRAT Staff) Debra J. Perry and Sherry T. Wynn
Practice Directorate: Marquette Turner
Public Communications Office: Pamela Willenz
Public Interest Directorate: Henry Tomes, PhD
Public Policy Office: Brian Smedley, PhD
Research Office: Sislena Grocer and Jessica L. Kohout, PhD
Science Directorate: Merry Bullock, PhD

Appreciation also is extended to Angela Miner and Joanne Zaslow, who provided graphic art and editorial assistance.