Job Bank Service

Fee Schedule


Number of Labels Intended Use of Labels
Employment Recruitment Other
0 - 500 $100 $150
501 - 1000 150 250
1001 - 2000 250 350
2001 - 3000 350 450
3001 - 4000 450 550
Special Services and Handling
RUSH processing (less than 10 working days) $50 additional fee
Overnight delivery $10 additional fee
Database search only: NO LABELS $75


Fee Processing

  1. Persons are encouraged to call OEMA prior to formally submitting search requests to determine the estimated number of labels to be generated and the associated fee.

  2. Payment must be made by Check or Purchase Order (P.O. must accompany request). Allow two weeks after OEMA's receipt of request for database search, mailing labels preparation, and shipping and handling.

  3. For Academic Institutions, payment is due within 60 days of receipt of Job Bank mailing labels, unless otherwise specified by the Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (OEMA).

  4. For all others, payment is due within 30 days of receipt of labels, unless otherwise specified by OEMA. OEMA may request advance payment of 50% of estimated fee.

  5. Send search request and Make check payable to:

American Psychological Association
Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs
750 First Street, NE 
Washington, DC 2
(202) 336-6029