Biosketch Form

APA's Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (OEMA) Directory of Ethnic Minority Professionals in Psychology lists psychologists of color who are members of the APA. The Biosketch Form is used for collecting and entering data into the Directory's database. Click on the link at the right of the page for a copy of the form. Returned the completed form to:

Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

Information provided will be entered into our database and used for: (a) generating future editions of the Directory of Ethnic Minority Professionals in Psychology; (b) conducting tailored job searches for employers; (c) identifying members to participate on APA boards, committees, and task forces; (d) networking psychologists of color for policy advocacy purposes; (e) and other similar types of activities. In addition, persons on the OEMA database receive all issues of The Communique – OEMA's semi-annual newsletter.

Since the Directory was first published in 1988, it has grown immensely in both the quality of information available on each individual, and in the quantity of volunteer participants agreeing to be listed. In 1988, there were approximately 600 entries. OEMA expects to have over 2,000 ethnic minority psychologists listed in the 4th edition which will be published in 20001.

The Directory is an excellent resource for persons interested in reviewing statistical and demographic information about APA's members of color, recruiting psychologists of color, and targeted marketing to psychologists of color. The Directory has been requested and used widely by federal government agencies, colleges and universities, mental health and healthcare settings, and private industries and companies.