FAQs for Recommenders

Q: If my student has already had some training experiences in this area — should these be reflected in the plan, or is the plan only for activities that will be undertaken during the next academic year?
A: It is only for activities that will be undertaken during the next academic year.

Q: I am using an Apple/Mac and I am getting errors when I try to upload the files.
A: Rename your document Filename.doc or Filename.docx or Filename.pdf (depending on what type of file it is) and then it should upload correctly. If that doesn't work, try the recommendation on a PC.

Q: Can the Recommender's Assistant print or view the complete recommender's form?
A: Please contact the office. This must be approved by Andrew T. Austin-Dailey, Director.

Q: I could not upload a document; I received an error that the document was larger than 4MB.
A: Reduce the file size. If that doesn't work, upload text without any letterhead.

Q: Can I send a letter to the office rather than upload it? I am not good with computers.
A: While we understand how frustrating it can sometimes be to use the computer, we nevertheless require that all recommendations be submitted online due to the volume of applications we receive. Also, the recommendation form (which is required in addition to the letter) is only available online. If someone in your office is unable to help you through this process, feel free to contact our office at (202) 336-6127, and we'll be happy to help you. *Exceptions are only made occasionally and must be approved by Andrew T. Austin-Dailey, Director.

Contact the Director

Director Andrew T. Austin-Dailey, MDiv, MS

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American Psychological Association 
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Phone: (202) 336-6127