Call for articles: Fall 2012 CYF news

Articles sought covering the unique health needs of military children and families

The protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, associated with multiple deployments and postcombat physical and psychological sequelae, have had a tremendous impact on the behavioral health of military children and families. There has been a call from the highest levels (i.e., First Lady Michelle Obama’s Joining Forces initiative) to systematically identify and address the social-emotional-behavioral needs of this population in order to promote healthy functioning and adjustment. In order to address this concern, CYF News (the newsletter of the APA Committee on Children, Youth and Families) will devote an issue that will include articles addressing the impact of deployment and trauma on military children and families, their unique social-emotional-behavioral needs, strategies to build resiliency and coping in this population, and programs to address their unique challenges. Of particular interest are articles that address:

  • Research that delineates the impact of deployment and trauma on military children and families. 

  • The application of evidence-based/evidence-informed practices to promote positive adjustment and functioning.

  • Culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate interventions that promote child and family mental health.

  • Practices and policies that enhance child health, child development and/or family systems.

The deadline for receipt of articles for the newsletter is Sept. 30, 2012. Please submit articles with a maximum of 1,500 words. All inquiries should be directed to the editor, Patti L. Johnson, PhD (member, APA Committee on Children, Youth and Families).