The Committee on Children, Youth and Families ensures that children, youth and families receive the full attention of APA. It functions as a catalyst, interacting with and making recommendations to the various parts of the APA's governing structure, to the APA's membership and to relevant divisions and other groups. Specifically, the committee’s goals are to:

  • Identify and disseminate information concerning the psychological status of children, youth and families for psychologists, other professionals, policy makers and the public.

  • Offer consultation to relevant APA boards and committees that are responsible for the educational standards for psychologists who conduct research and provide services for children, youth and families.

  • Encourage psychological research on the factors that promote or inhibit the development of individual and family competence.

  • Contribute to the formulation and support of policies that facilitate the optimal development of children and youth within families.

  • Designate priorities for APA involvement in the issues affecting children, youth and families, including issues related to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability.

The committee consists of six members who are elected for staggered terms of three years. It reports through the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest to the Board of Directors and Council of Representatives.

Staff Liaisons


  • 2015 chair: Carmen R. Valdez, PhD (2013-15) 
  • Marietta H Collins, PhD (2014-15) 

  • Jodi Quas, PhD (2014-16) 

  • Caryn Rodgers, PhD (2014-16) 

  • Ashley M. Butler, PhD (2015-17) 

  • Andy Horne, PhD (2015-17)  

Annual Reports