Resource Guide for Psychology Graduate Students with Disabilities
Second Edition


The American  Psychological Association’s (APA) Disability Issues Office in collaboration with members of the Committee on Disability Issues is proud to release the second edition of the Resource Guide for Psychology Graduate Students With Disabilities. This edition of the guide continues where the first edition left off.

Inside, you will find articles devoted to challenges unique to psychology students with disabilities as they embark on internship and career opportunities. Throughout this guide, students with disabilities will discover a plethora of useful information, including strategies to navigate the internship match process, suggestions for honing conflict resolution skills, and important issues to consider for a career in academia.

We hope this guide will be helpful especially to those of you who have felt alone in facing these academic challenges; who are unaware of some of the resources available; and/or who need a little guidance to begin, persevere, and excel in your educational and professional pursuits.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions for future editions of the Resource Guide. To receive a copy of this document in alternative format, please contact APA’s Disability Issues in Psychology Office at (202) 336-6038 (V), (202) 336-5662 (TTY), or via email.

Anju Khubchandani, M.A. Director
Office on Disability Issues
American Psychological Association

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