Disability related convention abstracts of CDIP

The Disability Issues office highlights a sampling of disability related programming at APA's 2013 Annual Convention.

By the Disability Issues Office

Practical Considerations for the Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People

Friday Aug. 2, 8:00 a.m.-8:50 a.m. Convention Center, Level 3, Room 323B

Co-chair: Lawrence Pick, PhD

This symposium will present an overview of cross-cultural assessment, discuss general concepts related to equivalence and bias, and review practices that enhance construct validity and diagnostic accuracy. There will be a specific focus on issues surrounding culture, language proficiency, disability status, and other aspects of identity that can impact rapport with the examiner, performance on examination or predictors of treatment efficacy (e.g., social support versus alienation).

Invited Address: The Lee Gurel Lecture

Friday Aug. 2, 10:00 a.m.-10:50 a.m., Convention Center, Level 3, Room 328

Participants: former CDIP chair Julie L. Williams, MD, and current CDIP co-chair Erin E. Andrews, PsyD 

Workshop details can be found on the convention website.

Symposium: Health Disparities—Emerging Biopsychosocial Challenges of Older Adults Living With HIV

Saturday Aug. 3, 12:00 p.m.-1:50 p.m., Convention Center, Level 3, Room 323C

As part of this symposia CDIP’s co-chair Lawrence Pick will present: Biopsychosocial Considerations of Disability among Aging HIV-Positive Adults.

People with disabilities have a greater risk of HIV infection than the population at large due to increased rates of sexual assault and violence, substance abuse, low literacy levels, indigence and stigma. This presentation will explore these barriers faced by persons with disabilities and examine how constructive strategies might result in equal access to treatment and support as well as improve health outcomes.

Skill-Building Session

Sunday Aug. 4, 9:00 a.m.-10:50 a.m. Convention Center, Level 3, Room 320

Teaching Disability as Diversity: Expanding Awareness into Cultural Competence

Led by former CDIP chair, Julie L. Williams and current CDIP co-chair Erin E. Andrews, this workshop will include history of disability rights movement, common stereotypes and attitudes that result in oppression of disabled people. An introduction to disability culture, disability identity development and a disability-affirmative approach will also be covered.

The Provision of Mental Health Services in Small Communities: The Ethical Shades of Gray

Sunday Aug. 4, 12:00 p.m.-1:50 p.m. Convention Center, Level 3, Room 305B

Pick will co-chair this symposia and CDIP member James L. Werth, PhD will participate in this symposium which brings together several psychologists working in small communities to examine various ethical issues and dilemmas. Each participant will share scenarios related to their working and living in the same communities as their clients and trainees and describe their approaches to adhering to the APA Ethics Code.

Contact the Disability Issues Office for disability related programming or general convention programs in alternative text. Please visit APA's 2013 Annual Convention disability-related programming page for more information.