Assessment Issues and Strategies: Module 3 HOPE Resource Package

Relevant Websites

Neurocognitive Disorders

AIDS Education and Training Centers. (2007). Clinical manual for management of the HIV infected adult. AETC. Chapter 8: Neuropsychiatric Disorders. (PDF, 2.9MB).

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Virus hunters. Resources on AIDS mania.


AIDS Education and Training Centers. (2007). Clinical manual for management of the HIV infected adult. AETC. Chapter 7: Pain and Palliative Care. (PDF, 2.9MB).

The Body. Pain Management and HIV/AIDS.

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Mindtools. Cognitive restructuring – from unhappiness to a positive outlook. Your Pain Management Resource.

Pain Assessments/Scales
Pain Exercises

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. HRSA Working Group on HIV and Palliative Care. (2000). Palliative and supportive care. Chapter 4: Pain.

The Well Project. (2010). HIV related pain.

Psychological Disorders

American Psychological Association (APA).
This site offers a list of screening instruments for mental health and substance abuse.

Drugs and Drug Interactions a number fact sheets and websites.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services HRSA.


How to deliver care for people with HIV/AIDS and their families (dealing with death).

Crump, N.E. (2001). A lifetime guide to grief and bereavement. (PDF, 1.3KB) Shelton, CT: LifeCare, Inc.

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Sikkema, K.J. Living beyond loss: an intervention for coping with HIV and HIV-related loss.


Gregory M. Herek's publications on Stigma.

HIV/AIDS anti-stigma initiative.

Kidd, R., & Clay, S. (2003). Understanding and challenging HIV stigma: Toolkit for action (PDF, 8KB). Washington, DC: International Center for Women (ICRW).
This toolkit is a collection of participatory educational exercises to raise awareness and promote action to challenge HIV stigma. Trainers can select from the exercises to plan their own courses for different target groups, including AIDS professionals and community groups. The aim is to help people at all levels understand stigma and develop strategies to challenge stigma and discrimination.


AIDS Meds. To tell or not to tell: disclosing your HIV status. (2010).

Counseling guidelines on disclosure of HIV status. (PDF, 171 KB).
Produced by Southern African AIDS Trust, this resource that offers practical guidance on specific issues relating to HIV and AIDS. This resource focuses on the disclosure process.

Disclosure of HIV to perinatally infected children and adolescents.
The National Guideline Clearinghouse offers a resource to help clients through the process of disclosure to adolescents.

The Body. U.S. Laws/news regarding HIV disclosure.
Updated frequently to provide the most up to date information about laws and news regarding disclosure.

The Well Project. Disclosing your HIV status. (2005).

Case Management

County of Los Angeles Public Health. HIV/AIDS case management services protocol (2008) (PDF, 970KB).

HIV Case Manager.
The HIV Case Manager Portal is dedicated to providing resources and connections for case managers to aid in the delivery of services for the health and well-being of HIV/AIDS patients.

New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute. Standards for HIV/AIDS Case Management (2006) (PDF, 286KB).

Immigration and HIV

Engel, G.L. (1978). The biospychosocial model and the education of health professionals. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 310, 168-181. (PDF, 801KB)

Federal Register. (2009). Medical examination of aliens- removal of HIV infection from definition of communicable disease of public health significance 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Health Partners

HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) co-infection
Resources and information

Larimer, M.E., Palmer, R.S., & Marlatt, G.A. (1999). Relapse prevention: an overview of Marlatt's cognitive behavioral modelAlcohol Research and Health, 23(2), 153-160. (PDF, 139KB).

Swan, T. (2006). Care and treatment for Hepatitis C and HIV coinfection expanding access through the Ryan White CARE Act. Washington, DC: US Department of Health and Human Services. HIV/AIDS Bureau. (PDF, 730KB).

HIV Medication Side Effects

AIDSinfo: Offering information on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, and research

AIDSinfo. (2005). Side effects of anti-HIV medications. Rockville, MD: AIDSinfo. National Institutes of Health

AIDSinfo. (2011). Side effects and their treatment