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“Aging” at APA: APA entities with a focus on aging

The Office on Aging, CONA, Public Interest Government Relations Office, Division 20 and Division 12-Section II

  • The Office on Aging works to promote aging issues within APA, among its members, other professionals, policymakers and the public. The office strives to bring psychological knowledge to bear on issues that affect the health and well-being of older adults and their families. Deborah DiGilio is its director; Martha Randolph is the administrative coordinator.

  • The Committee on Aging (CONA) is a six-member committee of psychologists with substantive professional expertise in geropsychology who are selected to serve three-year terms. CONA works toward the optimal development of older adults, expanded scientific understanding of adult development and aging, and the delivery of appropriate psychological services to older persons. Current members are: Neil Charness (chair), Kelly O’Shea Carney, PhD, CMC, (co-chair elect), Manfred Diehl, PhD, (co-chair elect), Adam Brickman, PhD, Jennifer Moye, PhD, and Karen Roberto, PhD.

  • Public Interest Government Relations Office works on aging policy issues at the federal level. Diane Elmore, PhD, MPH, is the associate executive director for the Public Interest Government Relations Office. Nida Corry, PhD, is the senior legislative and federal affairs officer responsible for policy issues related to aging issues and women’s issues.  

  • APA Division 20 (Adult Development & Aging) is concerned with the study of psychological development and change throughout the adult years. Their website includes resources for educators and students, information about graduate programs for students interested in pursuing this field, publications, conference information and links to other sites.  

  • APA Division 12-Section II (Society of Clinical Geropsychology) is devoted to research, training and the provision of psychological services for older adults. Their website includes information on training opportunities for students and professionals including clinical psychology internships, postdoctoral fellowship opportunities, and continuing education offerings, and research funding and job information.