Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregiver Health II (REACH II)


The REACH II protocol is a structured multi-component caregiver intervention that is based on an individualized assessment of caregiver needs. Interventions are tailored to individualized risk profiles based on a caregiver assessment of depression, burden, self-care and healthy behaviors, social support, and problem behaviors.

Mother and sonStrategy

Each caregiver intervention includes a variety of strategies, selected to address clients’ individualized needs that were identified in assessment. Intervention strategies include provision of information, skills training, problem solving, role playing, stress management, and telephone support. The intervention clinical trial used 9 individualized sessions plus 3 phone sessions.

Target Population

REACH II was designed to address the needs of culturally diverse caregivers of persons with dementia, including White, Hispanic, and African-American caregivers.

Research Outcomes

The REACH II intervention has been shown to improve caregiver quality of life, and was found to show benefits to White, Hispanic, and African-American caregivers.

REACH II has been successfully adapted to use in the community (e.g. by personnel in local Area Agencies on Aging) and it has also been effectively adapted for use with family caregivers of persons with acquired physical disabilities (e.g., spinal cord injury).

Outcomes Research References

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Clinical Approach References

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REACH OUT Action Guide and materials useful to interventionist and caregiver are available online