Intervention Models

Woman with dementiaPsychologists working with caregivers may use many modalities to accomplish their work. They may work primarily one on one in an office setting, in primary care, or may be consulting with an organization interested in offering support groups or public educational outreach interventions.

Furthermore, the initial mode of service delivery may be expanded by the needs of the caregiving clients whose primary problem is family conflict that could lead to a family-level intervention. This section of the Caregiver Briefcase has resources for effective practice in a variety of settings for a variety of populations.

What interventions have an evidence base behind them, and how does one learn to do them? Psychologists have several interventions from which to choose, including options that are offered in various modalities with various populations. The strongest research base exists within the individual intervention and family intervention categories where multiple programs are described.

The listings included here are not intended to be exhaustive, but are rather illustrative. Each intervention program that is described in detail includes references of studies evaluating the evidence base as well as the citation for the “how to do it” references.

Additional information about different intervention models may be found at the online database maintained by the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving.