APA joins Sesame Workshop to discuss the needs of military families

In May, staff from APA’s PI and Science GRO’s joined a representative from the Sesame Workshop for a meeting with Representative Walter Jones (R-NC) regarding collaborative efforts to support military service members and their families
The Sesame Workshop representative discussed multimedia tools that they developed to address issues facing military children, while APA staff shared details regarding the association’s ongoing work with Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in support of legislation to address the needs of dual military couples with children. Specifically, this APA-supported legislation would provide dual military couples with the option of staggering their deployments to overseas contingency operations so that one parent can remain at home, if s/he so chooses, as the primary caregiver.  Representative Jones, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee and represents a North Carolina district that includes Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, expressed his strong commitment to ensuring that military families have the services and supports that they need and deserve.