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Curry spice 'helps brain self-heal'

September 25, 2014, BBC News
An early study in rats suggests the spice turmeric may help boost the brain's ability to repair and regenerate itself.

Keeping your dignity at the hospital

September 23, 2014, Fox News
Doctors are looking into how patients' experiences while in the hospital could be improved if they were simply allowed or even encouraged to wear pants.

Are Americans ready for another war?

September 23, 2014, CNN
The United States appears to have one of the highest rates of veterans and soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome in the world.

Former addicts may be at lower risk of new addictions

September 18, 2014, Fox News
Research shows people who get clean after being addicted to drugs are at lower risk of becoming addicted to something else than people who never overcame the first substance use disorder.

PTSD is linked to food addiction in women

September 18, 2014, Time
Study shows that women who suffer from the worst symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are twice as likely to be addicted to food than those who do not.

Boys struggle with body image, too

September 17, 2014, Huffington Post
Body image issues often go unreported or undiagnosed for boys, which may explain varying statistics.

Study questions Alzheimer's treatments

September 15, 2014, The Boston Globe
Research shows that more than half of patients with advanced dementia who are in the end stages of Alzheimer’s disease continue to receive drugs that have questionable benefits.

A texting driver's education

September 13, 2014, The New York Times
Technology distraction is an issue that scientists say is playing out in many aspects of life — not just behind the wheel, but also at work and at home.

Brain trauma to affect one in three NFL players

September 12, 2014, The New York Times
Data shows nearly a third of retired football players will develop long-term cognitive problems which are likely to emerge at much younger ages than in the general population.

Happy wife, happy life?

September 9, 2014, Fox News
New research shows that for married couples, when the wife is happy with the marriage, the husband has a higher life satisfaction.

How trauma can help you grow

September 8, 2014, U.S. News & World Report
Survivors of traumatic events can learn to cope with their pain through a phenomenon called “post-traumatic growth.”

CDC: Nearly 1 in 5 women have been raped

September 5, 2014, The Washington Post
Survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that it is very likely that their results actually underestimate the prevalence of sexual violence in American society.

Weight loss may not improve mood, study says

September 5, 2014, Fox News
Advertisements for weight-loss programs usually show cheery dieters, but a new study finds that in the real world, weight loss may be linked with worsening mood.

Lack of sleep may shrink your brain

September 4, 2014, CNN
Researchers found that individuals with sleep problems had a more rapid decline in brain volume or size over the course of their study than those who slept well.

Childhood diet habits set in infancy

September 2, 2014, The New York Times
Research indicates that efforts to improve what children eat should begin before they even learn to walk.

Cleaning up Internet bullying

August 15, 2014, USA TODAY
The death of actor Robin Williams brought the subject of Internet bullying to the forefront.

To know suicide

August 15, 2014, The New York Times
The most important risk factor for suicide may be mental illness, especially depression or bipolar disorder.

Vitamin D tied to Alzheimer's risk

August 14, 2014, The New York Times
Low vitamin D is associated with an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

What American parents fear most

August 12, 2014, MSNBC
School violence and gun-related injuries ranked among American families’ top worries, along with child obesity, teen pregnancy and drug abuse.

The benefits of lucid dreaming

August 12, 2014, The Wall Street Journal
Researchers decipher clues from those with greater awareness and control of behavior in dreams.

Tactic in Alzheimer's fight may be safe

August 11, 2014, The New York Times
Study finds that missing a gene, when present in one form, greatly increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.