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Sexual assault: Who are likely victims?

December 11, 2014, USA TODAY
Study shows that female college students are less likely than non-students to be sexually assaulted, but they're also less likely to report an assault to police.

Why painful memories linger

December 11, 2014, Fox News
Memories of traumatic events can be hard to shake, and now scientists say they understand why.

Public schools separate girls and boys

November 30, 2014, The New York Times
Single-sex education is on the rise again in public schools as educators seek ways to improve academic performance, especially among the poor.

Female bosses 'more depressed'

November 21, 2014, BBC News
Research shows that women with job authority are more likely than men to display symptoms of depression.

Most heavy drinkers are not alcoholics

November 20, 2014, The New York Times
A government study reveals that nine out of 10 people who drink too much are not addicts, and can change their behavior with support.

Stressful relationships tied to mental decline

November 20, 2014, Fox News
Having close personal relationships in middle age that cause stress, problems or worries, may contribute to a decline in thinking ability in older age, according to a new study.

Ready to quit smoking?

November 17, 2014, USA TODAY
There are several proven methods to help people quit the habit.

Obesity in some tied to pollutants

November 17, 2014, The New York Times
A new study suggests that exposure to secondhand smoke and roadway traffic may be tied to increased body mass index in children and adolescents.

Is drinking soda the new smoking?

November 14, 2014, CBS News
Lawmakers think it's time to warn people about the detrimental health effects of drinking soda much like cigarette labeling did in the 1960's.

Researchers look at why autism cases are increasing

November 4, 2014, Fox News
It's not clear whether the rise is due to changes in how doctors diagnose autism and report cases, or if there is some factor in children's environment that is affecting autism rates.

Shift work may dull your brain

November 3, 2014, BBC News
Scientists warn that working antisocial hours can prematurely age the brain and dull intellectual ability.

How to talk to kids about ebola

October 24, 2014, Time
For kids, seeing alarming headlines without understanding the context of the disease, Ebola can seem like a looming and personal threat.

Majority of men want flexible work

October 21, 2014, The Washington Post
Research is showing that having a measure of control over when, where and how work gets done is something nearly everybody wants, including men.

What the dying really regret

October 17, 2014, CNN
For many patients, it's the realization that he or she will lose their body that they finally appreciate how truly wonderful it is.

How to tame a wandering mind

October 16, 2014, BBC News
Evidence suggests that mind-wandering and procrastination can lead to stress, illness and relationship problems.

Can shopping help anxiety?

October 13, 2014, Huffington Post
The shopping process may allow for the feeling of more control over a situation, which in turn eases anxiety.

Why exercise boosts IQ

October 10, 2014, BBC News
Research shows exercising the body is one of the best ways to boost intelligence and preserve it through old age.

Prejudices about money

October 8, 2014, Time
Financial planners need to understand that their feelings about wealth are in fact their feelings — not necessarily their clients'.

Countering negative self-talk

October 7, 2014, PsychCentral
Negative self-talk can sabotage and undermine our efforts in any part of our lives.

Cannabis is as addictive as heroin

October 7, 2014, Telegraph
British study shows cannabis can be as addictive as heroin or alcohol, and may cause mental health problems and lead to hard drug use.

Why saying is believing

October 7, 2014, NPR
The science of self-talk shows that the internal sense of oneself is a powerful thing.

Why saying is believing

October 7, 2014, NPR
The science of self-talk shows that the internal sense of oneself is a powerful thing.

Ways to deal with a toxic co-worker

October 2, 2014, U.S. News & World Report
A co-worker who is unhappy at work and shows it in a negative way can foster an emotionally draining situation for everyone else.