Stress in Chicago


Year after year, people living in Chicago* report stress at levels that are similar to the national average. But according to the most recent Stress in America™ survey, the average stress level in Chicago is at its lowest point since 2008, even though it still exceeds the level that Chicagoans define as healthy stress. While money, work and the economy are the most commonly reported sources of stress in Chicago, the percentage of Chicagoans reporting stress about job stability is at its highest point in several years. And though people living in Chicago seem to recognize the impact of lifestyle on a person’s health, they are less likely than Americans overall to say that stress has a strong impact on their health.

* This report focuses only on the views of residents within the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area (2008 n=231; 2009 n=208; 2010 n=208; 2011 n=276; 2012 n=209) and the general population (2008 n=1791; 2009 n=1568; 2010 n=1134; 2011 n=1226; 2012 n=2020).
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