November 5, 2013

Expert in Workplace Violence Prevention Available to Discuss Bullying in Professional Sports

Psychologist Joel Dvoskin has worked with Fortune 100 companies and the NBA

Joel Dvoskin, PhD, has specialized in the study and prevention of violent behavior for four decades. Through the Threat Assessment Group (Newport Beach, Calif.), he has provided workplace violence prevention services to numerous Fortune 100 companies, colleges and universities, and communities across the U.S. Regarding college and professional sports, Dvoskin has worked for many years with the National Basketball Association, the NBA Players Association and the NCAA First Team mentoring program for young athletes.

Dvoskin on the allegations of bullying and threats by a Miami Dolphin player against a teammate:

“What is alleged to have occurred within the Miami Dolphins football team is not hijinks; it is a serious example of workplace bullying that could have led to extreme violence.”

“Encouraging physical violence as response to bullying is no more appropriate in a professional locker room than it would be in any other work place.”

Dvoskin is based in Tucson, Ariz., and can be reached at (520) 577-3051 (office); (520) 906-0366 (cell).

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