December 15, 2012

Media Advisory: Experts Available to Talk About Development/Autism Spectrum Disorders


Psychologists with expertise in developmental and autism spectrum disorders are available to speak with journalists in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting. As the story continues to unfold, there have been reports that the shooter may have had a personality disorder.


Julie Steck, PhD
Home phone: (317) 844-9650
Office phone 1: (317) 575-9111
Office phone 2: (317) 840-2716

Expertise: A child and pediatric psychologist in private practice, Steck specializes in helping people with learning, developmental, or emotional/behavioral disorders, including autism spectral disorders. For more information, visit the Children's Resource Group website.

Travis Thompson, PhD
Roseville, Minn.

Expertise: Executive program director of the Minnesota Autism Center, Thompson specializes in developmental behavioral pharmacology; behavior analysis and mental retardation; autism; and self-injury in the developmentally disabled.

Eric Butter, PhD
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Child Development Center
Westerville, Ohio
Work phone: (614) 355-8315
Home phone: (614) 754-1356

Expertise: Practitioner with expertise in autism, Butter advocates strongly for evidence-based treatment.

Kathy Katz, PhD
Work phone: (202) 687-8778
Home phone: (301) 229-3811

Expertise: A pediatric psychologist with Georgetown University Medical Center, Katz can speak about the early identification and diagnosis of intellectual/developmental disabilities and autism.

Mona Delahooke, PhD
San Marino, Calif.
Work phone 1: (626) 445-0454
Work phone 2: (626) 458-8150

Expertise: A psychologist in independent practice, focused on consulting and clinical, Delahooke is a health psychology instructor, California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles. She can speak about early child development (birth to 5 years old); infant and toddler mental health; developmental milestones; social-emotional milestones; developmental psychology; understanding your baby; early identification and treatment of autistic spectrum disorders.

June Pimm, PhD
Ottawa, Ontario
Work phone: (613) 744-2262

Expertise: School psychologist; coordinator, Autism Initiative for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, Carleton University. Pimm conducts research on a population of more than 700 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

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