Press Releases

What Psychology Says About Materialism and the Holidays

Six questions for materialism expert Tim Kasser, PhD
December 16, 2014

APA Applauds Release of Senate Intelligence Committee Report Summary

Says transparency will help protect human rights in the future
December 9, 2014

Religion or Spirituality Has Positive Impact on Romantic/Marital Relationships, Child Development, Research Shows

Praying for partners, spiritual intimacy, attending services with parents may improve quality of life
December 8, 2014

Ethnic Minorities Still Receiving Inferior Mental Health Treatment, Says APA Journal

Culturally sensitive care in primary care settings can improve access to services
December 3, 2014

Women Outperform Men in Some Financial Negotiations, Research Finds

Women bargain best when they have negotiation experience, know about the bargaining range and represent another person
December 1, 2014

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