September 2006 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 37 No. 8

September 2006 Monitor cover


  • Battling the self-blame of infertility

    For women and men facing infertility, the challenge is to stop faulting themselves and start managing stress and making choices.

  • Does stress hinder conception?

    The relationship between mental state and fertility is a complex one.

  • How to handle a stubborn stork

    Marie Davidson helps couples make tough choices to realize their baby dreams.

  • Private loss visible

    Technological and cultural forces have made miscarriage more public--and may have inadvertently intensified related grief.

  • ‘They are so wanted’

    Parents of children conceived through reproductive technologies are quick to gush but reluctant to reveal anxiety.

  • Should parents disclose?

    Children of donor and surrogate technologies risk receiving inaccurate medical advice if they are misinformed of their genetic or biological roots, and such a fundamental secret can create an undercurrent of shame.

Baby laying on blankets


Baby’s first heard words

Infants' early language learning may hold clues to their later language abilities.

Fork in the road


APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: An ethics code for all psychologists…?

As psychology continues to grow and develop, challenging the relevance of APA's Ethics Code to particular areas of our field may prove a worthwhile exercise.

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Can psychology prevent false confessions?

People confessed to crimes they didn't commit in more than a quarter of U.S. convictions overturned by DNA testing. Psychologists are examining why the phenomenon exists.

Surveying the American landscape

Psychologist James Jackson has taken the helm at the nation's largest academic social science research institute.

Closing the gap

Psychologists make the case that Head Start remains the best option for helping disadvantaged children catch up in the school-readiness race.

Help wanted: Geropsychologists

APA members gathered in Colorado Springs to develop a training model for psychologists working with older adults.

Retired and inspired

Three psychologists use their retirement time to help train the next generation of providers.

Going out singing

Miriam Kelty helped lay groundwork for health psychology, oversaw funding for aging research and promoted ethical science.

Empowering the voiceless

Psychologist Amy Shadoin's work combating violence against children spans states and disciplines.

More than words

Atlanta center teaches children nonverbal communication skills.

Dangerous dolls?

Psychologists push back against market forces and products that sexualize young girls.

Lab skills to newsroom drills

With APA support, a neuroscience student gets hands-on reporting experience.

A fight for patients’ access to care

A new group called the Coalition for Patients' Rights opposes efforts by physicians' groups to limit other health professionals' services to patients.

Albee and Conger focused on forces beyond the individual

Reflections on the lives and contributions of former APA Presidents George Albee, who died in July at 84, and John Conger, who died in June at 85.

A Closer Look


Team players

Div. 51 members' work has helped change stereotypical definitions of masculinity among one school's football players.

Green metal gate


Answering a call to action

Through grassroots advocacy, APA members helped fend off a federal amendment threatening social and behavioral research funding.