October 2005 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 36 No. 9
October 2005 Monitor cover

On the Cover:
Mirror Neurons

  • The mind's mirror

    A new type of neuron--called a mirror neuron--could help explain how we learn through mimicry and why we empathize with others.

  • Autism's smoking gun?

    New research suggests that a malfunctioning mirror-neuron system could be behind the social isolation of autism.

  • How mimicry begat culture

    Researchers from varied disciplines look to mirror neurons to explain many aspects of human evolution.

  • A eureka moment

    Patricia Greenfield, PhD, argued that the same brain area controlled both the linguistic ability to form combinations, as well as manual ability to form combinations.

Red drink in margarita glass


Limit violations just spur more drinking

Downing more liquor than planned nets a hangover of regret and reduced restraint, an ecological assessment reveals.

Judicial building at night


Reflecting on how we teach ethics

Our background, training and identity as psychologists should be central to how we teach ethics.

A US congress building


A congressional attack on peer-reviewed behavioral research

A bill working its way through Congress threatens two psychologists' NIMH-funded research.

Healthy kids make better students

More schools are putting health centers on-site, improving students' health and mental health care--and offering new opportunities for psychologists.

Guiding the next generation

Seven 'masters' are mentoring 17 gifted and economically disadvantaged teens as part of the APEX project.

Putting people in their places

A new graduate program at the University of Michigan examines how the contexts we're in-- from casual interactions to our country's political climate--interact with aspects of our identities.

Web experimentation

A new APA Science Directorate institute taught psychologists and students to conduct online research.

'Affirming' their support of gay relatives

Psychologists join together to encourage greater acceptance of their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender family members.

Crafting persuasive pro-environment messages

Psychologists draw from social psychology research to encourage more environmentally friendly behaviors.

Woman sitting on orange couch


How to land your second job

Job No. 2 means more for your career than Job No. 1--so choose wisely, early-career experts advise.

Military vest and helmet


Preparing psychologists for front-line support

U.S. House funds an APA-proposed psychology training program in military hospitals.