APA 2014 President Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, welcomes nominations, including self-nominations, to work on her three primary initiatives. They are:

  • A "Pipeline Summit": doctoral education to first job: Consistent with APA's vision to be the premier innovator in the education, development and training of psychological scientists, practitioners and educators, Kaslow will host a summit to improve the pipeline. Psychologists who volunteer to help on this initiative will help secure relevant data in preparation for the meeting; understand the barriers or limitations that prevent or slow students from moving through the doctoral pipeline to entering the profession; think "outside the box" to formulate creative solutions to address the key transitions in this segment of the pipeline; and craft recommendations for gathering additional relevant data (e.g., workforce analysis) that can guide efforts to improve the pipeline. Outcomes for the summit will include resources for addressing pipeline barriers and challenges, and publications in relevant journals.
  • Translating psychological science for the public: In keeping with APA's strategic goal of increasing the recognition of psychology as a science, Kaslow is forming a task force to serve as an advisory and strategic planning group to assist APA staff in creating and disseminating new public education materials that translate psychological science for the public.
  • Patient-centered medical homes: Related to APA's strategic goal of expanding psychology's role in health, Kaslow will form a task force to evaluate and communicate the data demonstrating the extent to which psychologists in patient-centered medical homes are "value added" vis-à-vis enhancing patient and family behavioral and physical health outcomes, enhancing patient and family satisfaction with care, ensuring more cost-effective services, improving quality of life, reducing health disparities and improving job satisfaction for health professionals.

Each task force will be co-chaired by a senior psychologist and an early career psychologist and will include a diverse array of individuals, including students and early career psychologists.

To nominate, submit a CV and a letter of interest/experience (two-page maximum) by Oct. 31. For questions about these initiatives, contact Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, by email.