• Association for Experiential Education. A nonprofit, professional association whose members include public educators, youth programmers, mental health and addictions counselors, wilderness and adventure companies and therapists, and others.
  • Graduate training in wilderness therapy and related areas: 
  • National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. An advocacy and resource center for innovative organizations that devote themselves to helping struggling young people and their families. Mainly geared to private-pay organizations. 
  • Outward Bound for Veterans. Offers fully funded wilderness courses for returning service members and recent veterans to help them readjust to life at home.
  • Peak Experience. Psychologist Scott Bandoroff, PhD, offers consulting to organizations that want to incorporate wilderness family therapy into their programs and more.
  • Summer internships with wilderness therapy programs. Bandoroff says these positions are plentiful in summer months and offer a great chance to get outdoor experience and a taste of the field.

— Tori DeAngelis