September 2013 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 44 No. 8
Therapy gone wild

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Therapy gone wild

  • Therapy gone wild

    More psychologists are using the wilderness as a backdrop and therapeutic tool in their work.

  • A healthier course

    A psychology doctoral student examines ways to help war veterans heal through therapeutic adventure.

  • A natural fit

    Therapy and exercise needn’t be mutually exclusive. Here’s how to incorporate the outdoors, walking and other exercise into therapy in a way that’s good for clients and for you.

Primed for parenting


Primed for parenting

The human brain is primed to respond to infants and, at the same time, parenting may shape our brains, says parenting researcher Marc H. Bornstein.

APA's 2013 Annual Convention in Honolulu (credit: Joseph Esser Photography)


Saving children

With APA's help, USAID brings together behavioral experts to end preventable child mortality worldwide.

More psychologists with training in trauma needed

Psychologists gather experts to develop a core competency model in trauma care.

Traumatic stress in a violent world

Psychologists and others explore how best to treat victims of continuous traumatic stress.

Work, stress and health

Research from the 10th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health focuses on ways to reduce stress and improve worker health.

The little college that could

Washington College boosted its students' success by embracing an active learning curriculum and building its research program.

Congratulations, award winners

Congratulations to these psychologists and students who earned top honors from APA and its divisions at the 2013 Annual Convention in Honolulu last month.

Qualitative Psychology makes a comeback

Incoming editor Ruthellen Josselson seeks to bring this form of inquiry back to the important position it deserves.

A path into the world of public policy

APA's 2012-13 class of congressional fellows reflects on their year on Capitol Hill.

Federal funding opens doors at schoolbased health centers and provides new opportunities for psychologists


Expanding school-based care

Federal funding opens doors at school-based health centers and provides new opportunities for psychologists.

Lara Fielding, PsyD, practitioner to the stars and former German Vogue model.