• Musician Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation has named Yale University's Marc Brackett, PhD, and University of Virginia's Dewey Cornell, PhD, to its research advisory board. The psychologists will advise the foundation on evidence-based efforts to promote diversity and individuality and to de-stigmatize access to mental health treatment for youth, as well as to help evaluate how the foundation's programs are working. Brackett is deputy director of Yale's Health, Emotion and Behavior Laboratory and a nationally recognized expert on social and emotional intelligence. Cornell is a professor of education in UVA's Curry School of Education and an expert on bullying, youth violence prevention and school safety.
  • The Society for Experimental Psychologists named Isabel Gauthier, PhD, as a fellow. Membership in the honorary society is invitation-only and represents significant accomplishments in the field. Gauthier runs Vanderbilt University's Object Perception Lab, where she studies how people learn to categorize, recognize and represent objects in different domains. She is also editor of APA's Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
  • Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, was named interim executive director of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, a nonprofit organization that works to advance the scientific study of behavior and its application to practical problems. Holdsambeck is the CEO of Holdsambeck and Associates, which provides applied behavioral analysis treatment services in Lompoc, Calif.
  • The Society for Research in Child Development has given Heidemarie Laurent, PhD, of the University of Wyoming, its Victoria S. Levin Award for Early Career Success in Young Children's Mental Health Research. Laurent is exploring interventions that help children and adolescents regulate their stress.
  • Lewis P. Lipsitt, PhD, Brown University professor emeritus of psychology, medical science, and human development, has been elected to the Council of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for  2012–15.  He assumes his first duties at the forthcoming Feb. 14–18 meetings at the annual AAAS meetings in Boston.
  • Michael O. Miller, PhD, has been appointed as judge of the Arizona Court of Appeals, serving on the court's Tucson-based division. Before this appointment, Miller served as a Pima County, Ariz., superior court judge.
  • University of Texas at Austin clinical psychology graduate student Carey Pulverman won the International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health's Prize Essay Award for her paper examining an expressive writing treatment for women with a history of childhood sexual abuse. She found that a reduction in the use of the word "I" and an increase in positive emotion words correlated with reductions in depression and improvements in sexual satisfaction.
  • Neil Schneiderman, PhD, a psychology professor at the University of Miami, received the International Society of Behavioral Medicine's Lifetime Achievement Award for five decades of research elucidating the complex interconnections between physical and mental health. The prize also honors Schneiderman's work advancing the integration of behavioral and social science findings into U.S. medical schools' curricula and public health policy.
  • Tri-ing to be fit"Team Psy Tri" completed the January Bone Island Half Iron Distance Triathlon in Key West, Fla. The relay team consisted of psychologists Robin Buhrke, PhD (biking), Doug Haldeman, PhD (running), and Brad Johnson, PhD (swimming). "Our triathlon team accomplishes the dual goals of professional friendship/support and fitness in midlife," says Johnson. "Both are things psychologists need to attend to maximize competence, wellness and fun!"